What do songs really say?

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You know, music can be a very powerful thing.

Sometimes, you can say things with music that you can’t actually say yourself. I remember it was like that for me when I was in high school (as it was for many of us sensitive types). It hasn’t been that way in my life for a very long time – at least not the way that it was in high school.

Now I hear songs about being a Dad, a husband, and things like that….which is probably why I don’t listen to much other than country these days…(The Strokes don’t really talk about fatherhood do they?), but the songs are still just as powerful.

There is one right now that I keep listening to over and over again from country singer Rodney Akins, called “Watching You” about how his son is constantly watching everything he does, and emulating that. There is another on the same album where he sings about taking a young man aside and scaring the hell out of said young man before the young buck goes on a date with his daughter. While my little girl is nowhere near old enough for me to be worried about that, every now and then I see a little boy in her pre-school look at her in a way that I don’t quite like, and I’m ready to take him into a corner and put the fear of God into him…so I can relate to that song.

Sometimes, I think we use music to express things like that…

…and I wonder if sometimes we can’t tell what people are actually thinking and feeling based on what music they are listening to. Perhaps we could all better understand what our spouses were going through just by listening to their playlists.

(See…this is the kinda crap I write at 3 o’clock in the morning…must stop blogging…need sleep)

Anyway…since I have switch over to AppleTV instead of cable, I find myself listening to my iTunes music library WAY more than I used to. You know how you just put the TV on a channel for noise sometimes? Well, now we’re just putting it on Shuffle and letting the music play. I think that’s where this is coming from, and why I’m thinking about I type this, I have the AppleTV playing shuffled songs right now…

Regardless, I must now attempt to sleep…even though I am in no way tired…I have a feeling it’s going to be a long weekend with NAB coming up on Sunday…and I’ll be blogging my brains out (assuming there is anything interesting announced at NAB).

So, for those of you that have been wondering when I was going to post something new here…well, this was it…disappointing, or what?

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