I wonder if Blogging a Novel would be fun…

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I’m thinking about giving blogging a novel a try. Or at least something like a novel. A fictional narrative. I don’t think there is any point in just writing a book and posting it a chapter at a time…if I’m going to use blogging as a way to publish it, then I think I should keep whatever I write in the spirit of the medium…and I do believe that blogging is a different medium.

Novel writing is a very solitary profession…which is one reason why I don’t think that I’ve ever gotten past the third chapter of a book (and boy have I attempted some stinkers). I’ve had a much easier time completing screenplays (not that they’re any good, or that you’ll ever get to read them) but I think that was partially because others were always going to be involved in the productions, so I was passing it along to them to get their feedback as I went. Now granted, I have had a lot of false starts with those as well, but I have completed a few screenplays and a handful of comic book scripts…but never a full work of prose.

I don’t consider my blogging to be the same thing, because it’s reporting, speculating, and commenting, but not creating a story from scratch (at least, the blogs I write aren’t). There is no beginning, middle and end to Apple News (at least I hope not)…and there will always be Geek Stuff to talk about….but as someone who writes constantly, and has written constantly for at least ten years (and I’m only 26 people…that’s a long time for me) there’s a certain satisfaction from writing fiction that I don’t get from the blogging that I do…on the other hand, there is a satisfaction that I get from blogging that I will never get from writing fiction. So, I’m thinking about starting a fictional blog to blog a “novel” on.

It wouldn’t need to be updated multiple times a day or anything, but it might be a way to scratch that novel writing itch without staring at a blank Open Office page with no chance of feedback. At least by blogging it, a few people might be interested in reading it. Right now my audience for something like that would be limited to my wife who really doesn’t have time to read my crap anyway.

I don’t know…I’ll probably start it, and never finish it. Who knows…

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