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Wow…I really need to post on here more.

Well, I got back from the Dallas Comic Con Fan Days event a little while ago. There wasn’t as much there as I’d hoped there would be, but I got some good stuff that you’ll see on Forever, including an Official word on Ghostbusters 3 from Ernie Hudson.

I didn’t get to talk to everyone that I wanted, and as really surprised by 1) the size of the show (much smaller than I thought), and 2) the number of people there (it was INSANE. I could barely move through the crowd on Sat).

I saw 300 in the Imax on Friday night. I can’t really say that it was any better than seeing it in a normal theater. The “Imax Experience” was completely lost on me. Still a great movie, and I was glad to see it a second time…I just wasn’t impressed with the Imax itself.

I also was reminded of how much I hate cities. I’m a country boy, more or less, and the town I grew up in had 253 people in it. The town where I went to school had a 7,000 people in it…and the city I live in now has about 100,000 people in it. That’s enough. I don’t think I can take anymore than that.

Too much concrete, too many people. It’s just not my thing.

I was going to watch The Holiday or Casino Royale tonight, but I think I’m just going to go to bed. I have to type a few things up, and get this stuff posted for tomorrow, but I’m just beat from driving.

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