Apple Rumors can be Fun!

Posted on March 2, 2007. Filed under: Blogging |

Today we posted a “Create Your Own Apple Rumor” chart and generator that I’m really very proud of. It seems to be making its way around the web, and it’s really the first time I’ve ever been able to come up with an idea that was able to bring a “digg” level of traffic to the site, without it actually being on the front page of digg.

I find myself increasingly frustrated with digg, although I still find it to be a very useful resource.

Digg, aside, several of the “A-List” blogs have picked up the little joke that we put together (special thanks to Ahmed from Tech SoapBox for getting the random rumor generator going), and so far I haven’t seen any real backlash from Apple fans.

I don’t expect any “backlash” from them, though. I think we all enjoy speculating to a degree, and I think it’s fun to predict, and it’s fun to entertain rumors…but there are sometimes when Apple rumors just drive me nuts. I don’t think the sites that report them are making them up…but I do think more fact checking should go into reporting these things.

I’ve been guilty of getting a rumor in an email and running with it (that whole “illuminious” thing…yup started at Apple Gazette), but that was from someone I’d received into from before. I don’t plan to run too many rumors on the site, unless I think there is some credibility to them. I don’t want Apple Gazette to be an “Apple Rumors” site. I want Apple Gazette to an Apple news site. I want the readers to find information and entertainment about their Macs, iPods, and iPhones. I hope that shows.

I fully intend for Apple Gazette to be driving force in the Apple blog-o-sphere for many years to come. We’re working on it, and I think that, in time, we’ll be able to build a level of credibility that other sites might not be able to, just from NOT reporting some of the more “out there” rumors just because it’s a slow news day.

I hope that comes off in the posts that I choose to make, and I welcome as much reader feedback as you’re willing to give. I’m interested in writing about, and reporting about, what you’re interested in reading. I’m working on some cool things that I hope to announce in the next week or two, that I think will help take Apple Gazette to the next level.

I hope you’ll be there for the ride. 🙂


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