From 0 to Full Time Blogging in under 6 months!

Posted on February 14, 2007. Filed under: Blogging |

Well,  I debated about launching a personal blog for a while…I mean, who the heck woud want to read about my none Apple or Geek related  posting?

I have no idea.  I don’t know why you’re here, or why you would care about what is going on in my life…BUT…if you are interested in how I got started doing this, then here you go.

I actually didn’t get started blogging until September of last year.  I launched after being frustrated with not being able to get much traffic to the webcomic I was producing at the time.

I wanted to see if I could drive some serious traffic to my website, and I wanted to see if I could write stuff that communities like Digg, Slashdot and Reddit wanted to read.  So I figured…tech stuff for sure…and everyone loves lists…so lists too…BOOM – MyTechLists was born.

It wasn’t long after that before I had a story or two on the front page of Digg.  I was writing about Apple stuff, and making lists, and the diggers seemed into it.  That was really exciting.   I soon discovered that I really enjoyed blogging, and that I wanted to see if I could turn it into a full time job.

So I started responding to  ads posted primarily on and it wasn’t long before I had a few gigs.  The problem was, they kinda sucked.  Low pay, no guarantee that what I wrote was even going to be published…and on top of that I was like one in twenty bloggers on these pages.  I didn’t really care much for that.  It’s hard to give a blog a voice when there are twenty people writing it…but then I responded to an ad from the Bloggy Network…and everything changed.

They needed an Apple blogger, and most of my Dugg stories had been about Apple, so I responded to the ad.  I started working for them part time in October, working on  Apple Gazette.  The blog has been very well recieved by the Apple community, and the site has been featured on Slashdot, and Digg numerous times….all very exciting stuff.

Then, in January, I was offered a full time position with Bloggy, and since February 1st, I have been doing this blogging thing full time.  Taking on the duties of Forever Geek in addition to Apple Gazette – plus I’ll occationally post on Gadgetizer and Wii Living for Bloggy as well.

In addition to blogging, I’ve also started an Apple Gazette Weekly Podcast, and you can expect a Forever Geek podcast to start up soon.

It’s been a crazy year so far…and things just keep looking up!


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3 Responses to “From 0 to Full Time Blogging in under 6 months!”

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And we are most certainly glad to have you

I like your smiley in the upper corner. 😉 I enjoy writing, and I enjoy Apple (keep up on it pretty well), but I have no idea how to get to where you’ve gone. Good job.

This blogging business must have been designed with Michael in mind. You pick any topic and he knows about it or he will learn about it then he will talk (sometimes talk, and talk, and talk) about it intelligently. If I were his mother you’d expect me to say that. But I’m his mother-in-law and I still say it. He has found his niche!

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